The Beauty of Dream House by the Lake

House by the Lake
Having a modern minimalist style house complete with sophisticated equipment, and is located at the edge of a beautiful lake could be the dream of all people. Especially, for those who need a break from the boredom of everyday.
However, a married couple from the United States, who are now approaching retirement, have no need to daydream anymore. This kind of homes belonged to them in the area of ​​Leicester, Vermont, USA.
The second house belongs to the middle-aged couple located on the former site summer camp. The house stands on a fairly steep slope. However, though located in an unusual location, architect Elizabeth Herrmann has managed to "outsmart" the natural condition by making a house on stilts.
"From the inside, the house looked like it was floating and create a calm and expansive," Herrmann said.
Construction of houses on stilts is a proper answer to the main problem of the house. Besides being able to outsmart steep terrain, with this construction homeowners can have a larger outdoor space and not "sink" in the lake.
House area of ​​147 square meters has an entrance on the top floor. Meanwhile, The main family room, instead was in the basement. For the material, Hermann chose Port Orford cedar wood known for its durability and warm colors.
By Herrmann, luminescence of color that resembles the color of honey looks amazing all year. The house will still look dazzling colors though leaves on trees around it changes.
Like mentioned before, This mansion has sophisticated equipment, including a complete and advanced cooking equipment in the kitchen is spacious. For this reason, couples owner of this house The famous love cooking can enjoy their days in the house by lake.
Not only modern kitchen there. "Modern taste" in the interior of the house by the lake also on the stainless steel accents on the light-colored wood and white paint.
In addition, material that seem "light" and the arrangement of the house makes the house visually "bigger" than the real situation. One furniture and other furniture have a considerable distance, and does not accumulate. Another thing, the house is also a convenient because of is full of sunlight.